Building For The Future
Building For The Future

Good planning is essential to the long-term success of our airport.

Whether you are building or developing land within Sydney Airport, you’ll need to submit a planning application before work can proceed. Our planning team will then work with you to ensure that your project obtains the appropriate approval.

Sydney Airport is subject to the provisions of the Airports Act 1996 and related regulations. Under the Airports (Building Control) Regulations, construction works at the airport must have a Building Approval from the Airport Building Controller (ABC) and written consent from Sydney Airport before work can begin.

There are four application processes that may apply to you depending on your project. Our team can help you determine which application is right for you:

  • Development application (DA)
  • Application for Sydney Airport Consent (SC)
  • Application for Minor Works Authorisation (MW)
  • Amended Application (AA)

You’ll also need to submit a building application to the Airport Building Controller (ABC) to secure a Works Permit, Building Permit or Demolition Authority.

Using consistent drawings with the same revision numbers will help your application proceed through the process in a timely manner.

Application to Sydney Airport

You can make a pre-application enquiry and submit your application online using our Planning Approvals Tool.

Simply log on to the planning tool to:

  • Make a pre-application enquiry so our planning team can recommend the best approach for submitting a successful submission or;
  • Submit an application following the step-by-step online process, providing key information about your organisation, the location of the works, the type of works being undertaken and documentation to support your application.

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Application to the Airport Building Controller (ABC)

For further information contact the ABC or visit the ABC's website for the ABC online application portal (ABCO) and FAQs.