T1 Arrivals Forecourt

The Arrivals Forecourt at the T1 International terminal represents the Gateway to Sydney. It's the place where passengers first experience the outdoor environment for which is Sydney is renowned.

The forecourt has been revamped to showcase the brilliant light of Sydney, with space where people can gather, celebrate and reconnect after getting off a long haul flight or being reunited with friends and family.

The revamp includes:

  • Approx 10,000 sqm of new paving
  • New green space over 3,081 sqm, an increase of 20%
  • 400sqm of grassed areas
  • Over 60 species of planting
  • 31 new seating benches for people to stop, enjoy and relax
  • Additional cafe style seating zone, providing 8 tables and 32 chairs
  • Improvement to signage allows passengers to find their way to ground transport and connect to Sydney
  • Over 162 new LED lights
  • 1500 litres of paint for the upgrade of awning
  • 8500sqm new roof sheeting

Connecting our local community

SYD has collaborated with architecture firm Hassell and Indigenous-owned landscapers, Jiwah to create a native green space in the refreshed Arrivals forecourt. Native trees, structural plants, ground covers and grasses have been selected to create a sustainable green area with many species being Indigenous to the area.

The airport has also partnered with the Gujaga Foundation to source the traditional names, use and meanings behind the flora, connecting forecourt visitors to the local community and Country.