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Women at SYD inspiring inclusion

March 8, 2024


On International Women’s Day we spoke to three women from different parts of the organisation and asked them about their views on gender equality. Here’s what they had to say.

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With a background in politics, Ellie Stamatelatos is now the Public Affairs Advisor at Sydney Airport and one of the youngest people in the company. While she admits that she’s relatively new to the workforce, she believes gender equality starts with representation, and would like to see more women in senior leadership setting an example for the next generation of young women.

“I think International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to take stock and reflect, for both men and women. The issues facing women in the workforce are real and we need to come together to address them."

“We have a number of women in senior roles at the airport, and I’ve worked with some incredible women so far, but what I see lacking across Australia is equal representation when it comes to senior leadership, it’s predominantly men in these roles and I’d like to see that change."

“We need to continue to find ways to support women in business so that they feel they’re being given the opportunity to grow and advance, while at the same time supporting their life choices."

“It’s time to start having real conversations with women in the workplace.”


Gemma Williams is Sydney Airport’s Head of Operations Planning and Resilience and a mother of three teenage girls.

She believes that historically women have often not advanced as quickly in their careers due to time spent away from work raising children.

“Finding the balance between career and home life is such an individual decision on what works for you, your family and your career."

“When I had my first child, there was no paid parental leave, I had to hand back my laptop, my phone – it was as though I was leaving the company for good."

“When I returned to work after 12-months, there was no consideration for the new life I was living outside of work. It was very challenging."

“Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. And for me, the biggest game changer is working flexibly and embracing unique ways of working, which we do at Sydney Airport. Now, parents have more choice in how they raise their children alongside building their career, and that’s life-changing.”


Linda Hobson grew up with three older brothers, and like any younger sibling she had to use her voice to be heard. Fast forward to 2024, and her childhood experiences have set the tone for a successful career.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the property and development sector, Linda is now Senior Development Manager at Sydney Airport and leading an all-women team for the first time in her career. Linda believes empowering women in the workforce is everyone’s responsibility.

“I’ve always worked in male-dominated workplaces, so to be leading a team of women at Sydney Airport is new for me, and I’m wholeheartedly embracing the opportunity to support them in their career. I believe it’s not just women that should be supporting women in the workplace, I think it’s everyone’s responsibility."

“I also think a lot of women can suffer from imposter syndrome at work, and it’s time we shift that narrative."

“Productive conversations about career progression and the value we bring to work should be ongoing. Ultimately, if we put words into action, women will feel more supported.”

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