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Travelling with children

Plan ahead and be prepared before you leave home. Here's some information to help you with your journey in and out of Sydney Airport.

Planning for travel
Passports and visas for international travel

All family members, including infants, need a passport to travel overseas. Please make sure passports and any necessary visas are valid for everyone travelling. Remember you may also need a visa for any transit stops.

Contact your airline or travel agent, or check online to get the latest information for the countries you'll be visiting.

Your passports must be valid for a period of six months ahead of departure date for most countries.

Health requirements and medication

Please arrange to have all necessary vaccinations well in advance of your departure date. See your GP for more information.

If you or your children take any medication make sure you speak with your GP for advice. You may find individual airports and countries have their own specific restrictions and requirements.

For more information, please visit the Australian Government’s TravelSecure website.

Eating and drinking requirements

Some airlines offer special child, toddler and baby meals which can be requested at the time of booking.

Packing tips

When you're travelling with children, there's often a lot to pack. Here are some handy hints to help you prepare for your journey.

  • Check the baggage restrictions for each flight you'll be travelling on during your journey. Your airline can advise you on baggage allowances for each flight
  • Contact your airline about whether you can take prams or strollers on your flight
  • If you're travelling overseas, be aware of restrictions surrounding the transport of powders, liquids, aerosols and gels (PLAGs) and prohibited items in your carry on luggage. There are some special exemptions for families with young children, so it's worth doing your research before you travel. The TravelSECURE website has more information
  • Government mandated restrictions around weapons and dangerous goods also apply to some children’s toys and replicas, such as toy guns, swords or hammers. The Australian Border Force website can provide more details of prohibited items
  • Ensure you pack enough nappies to cover your time at the airport and for the duration of your flight
Special assistance

Some airlines are able to offer assistance to the aircraft or strollers for use at the airport. You should contact your airline at least 48 hours before departure to check what assistance they are able to provide.

At the airport
Cuddly Care Cards

We've launched our Cuddly Care Card, designed to help you and your child stay connected with their much-loved companion while you travel.

Collect a card from one of our friendly Ambassador desks located within the T1 International and T2 Domestic terminals, fill in the details and attach it to your child's toy.

Not only is this a fun way to involve your child's favourite toy in the travel process, but it also makes it easier to reunite your child's toy with you if misplaced.

Travelling through the terminal

Trolleys are available on both the Departures and Arrivals levels of all terminals. Our trolley bays accept credit cards, gold coins or notes ($5, $10 and $20 notes only). Never place your children on or encourage them to play with the trolleys as they're not designed for this purpose.

Flight information display screens provide important information including the location of check-in counters, flight departure gate numbers and boarding times.

Security screening

It is a requirement that our staff screen everyone regardless of age, including infants, at the security checkpoint. At T1 International and T2 Domestic, you have the choice to use Lane 3 which is a dedicated assistance lane.

Government mandated regulations require infants and children to be taken out of baby carriers and strollers. They can be carried by an adult or, if they can walk, they should walk through the screening point on their own. Strollers and baby carriers must be placed through the x-ray machine with your carry on luggage.

You will never be asked to be separated from your child or children. Our Security Officer may ask for your help screening your child.

Children's play area

We have dedicated play areas in our T1 International terminal.

Gate numberLocation
Gate 10Interactive kid's zone with touch screen technology and multiple game options
Gate 50McDonalds play area which includes a physical playground
Gate 53A digital activation in partnership with the Museum of Applied Arts and Science


Services and facilities

Bathrooms, parents' rooms and nursing facilities are located near baggage collection areas for your convenience.


Leaving the airport

It's useful to plan ahead for when you arrive at your destination. Have a car booked or bus tickets pre-purchased, and know exactly where you're going for bus and taxi pick-ups.