e-TAG Dispute Form Terms and Conditions

Drivers utilising the bus and limousine areas at Sydney Airport are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of the use of the zones.

Drivers must ensure that an e-TAG is presented for electronic reading at the entry and exit to the zones to allow the system to accurately calculate the time-based charge.

A maximum charge will apply where only an entry or exit is recorded for one trip.

Drivers who are charged the maximum fee, and believe they have been charged incorrectly, will be able to appeal the charge to Sydney Airport Landside Operations and Transport by following the BLFS e-AG Charge Dispute Process.

  1. Driver receives maximum charge and believes they have been overcharged.

  2. Driver completes an online BLFS e-tag Dispute form within 40 days from the date the charge occurred.

  3. Agreement that Sydney Airport Landside Operations and Transport review the HD Camera footage to verify the details provided in the Dispute form.

  4. If review indicates no fault on behalf of driver, the difference will be refunded back into the charged E-Tag account.

  5. If the HD camera footage observes the driver engaging in behaviour which constitutes a breach of the terms and conditions of the entry of the zone, Sydney Airport may terminate the agreement allowing them to enter the zone.

  6. If the review indicates driver engaged in behaviour which breaches the Sydney Airport licence agreement, the operator will be asked to attend a meeting with the Sydney Airport Landside Operations Coordinator, and may have their agreement terminated.

  7. Sydney Airport’s decision is final.