Ground handlers

Ramp operations meetings

We hold monthly ramp meetings for operators at our T1 International and T2 Domestic precincts. All ground handlers and airlines are welcome to attend. If you need more information please email the Manager Aviation Safety Systems .

Common user freight facility - livestock

If you're planning to use the Sydney Airport Livestock Transfer Facility, you should book in advance with the ground handler representative.

Dangerous or hazardous goods

If you're planning to import or export Dangerous Goods - Class 1 into Sydney Airport, please contact the Sydney Airport Duty Manager on +61 2 9667 6097 or email us with all the relevant details.

The Airport Operations Manual Part 2, Section 14 Handling of Hazardous Materials outlines the procedures for handling Dangerous Goods for freight forwarders. Airfreight operators should refer to the AIP Australian En Route Supplement (ERSA).

In accordance with the Sydney Airport Operations Manual Part 2, Section 14 Handling Hazardous Materials, aircraft operators are responsible for obtaining an approval from the Sydney Airport Duty Manager for each consignment of Class 1 explosives by providing details of the flight movement and goods shipment.

Flight notifications should be sent to the Sydney Airport Terminal Operations Centre by email or fax +61 2 9667 9541.