Waste and resource recovery

We are committed to reducing and recycling waste produced at the airport. Our airport staff and tenants play an important role in meeting this objective.

Section 3.10 of the Airport Environment Strategy (AES) 2019-2024 sets out our key objectives in relation to waste and resource recovery, and our action plan sets out how these will be achieved. Our objectives are to minimise waste to landfill by avoiding unnecessary resource consumption and waste generation, and recovering material and energy from waste through reuse, reprocessing and recycling.

Waste generated at the airport includes solid and liquid waste streams from terminal buildings, office and commercial buildings, airfield and maintenance areas, and landside access areas. Biosecurity waste accounts for a large amount of waste generated on site and is unable to be recycled due to quarantine restrictions and requirements.


Sydney Airport separates recyclables both within terminals and back of house. Public place recycling facilities are placed throughout the terminals including in food courts and gate lounges (excluding areas where biosecurity requirements are in place). Plastics and cardboard from retailers and office spaces are also segregated for recycling. Additional recycling initiatives are implemented in Sydney Airport’s offices for ink cartridges, batteries, and e-waste.

Section 3.10.5 of the AES details our five-year waste and resource recovery action plan.