Economic value creation and distribution

We create and distribute economic value for our stakeholders in a number of ways, including through the revenue we generate and the value we distribute via payments to suppliers and employees, payments to governments and community investments.

International trade and international air routes are vital to Australia’s continued economic prosperity. Airports are an essential part of the transport networks that all successful modern economies rely on. The success of business and tourism for Sydney, NSW, Australia and Sydney Airport are interdependent.

A large number of passengers and significant volumes of freight are transported through the airport every day. Substantial investments by airlines and other businesses in the region surrounding the airport, and the presence of established route networks, provide invaluable strategic economic and commercial advantages to Sydney and NSW.

The most prominent on-airport operations are the domestic and international passenger airlines’ activities, including catering, baggage handling and aircraft maintenance and refuelling. However, the majority of businesses generating economic activity at Sydney Airport are not directly involved in regular passenger transport aviation. These businesses include:

  • Onsite retail
  • Precinct hospitality including accommodation and onsite food and beverage Options
  • Ground transport including shuttles and taxis
  • Security
  • Australian Government services
  • Dedicated freight and logistics businesses, and
  • Other corporate businesses

Master Plan 2039 sets out the economic contribution of Sydney Airport in Chapter 3.5. Reporting of our economic performance can be found in our Sustainability Report.