Distribution Reinvestment Plan

The Sydney Airport Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) is an easy and convenient way for investors to increase their holdings by reinvesting some or all of their distributions in additional SYD Stapled Securities.

Participation in the DRP is optional. If an investor does not elect to participate in the DRP, their distributions will automatically be paid to them in the normal way. If an investor does participate in the DRP, on each distribution payment date, their distribution will be automatically reinvested in SYD stapled securities in accordance with the DRP.

SYD stapled securities provided under the DRP will be provided at the Purchase Price and will be free of brokerage, commission and stamp duty (under current laws). Full details of the terms and methodology for calculating the Purchase Price of securities allocated under the DRP are available in the DRP Booklet.

In order to participate in the DRP, use the easyupdate link to update your preferences. Alternatively you can complete and return the application form enclosed with the DRP Booklet to the Registrar, Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited.

The activation of Sydney Airport’s DRP is regularly reviewed by the Board. Investors will be notified if there is a future change in DRP operation.

Distribution Reinvestment Plan Historic prices and Discounts

Distribution PeriodHistoric DRP priceDiscount
June 2021No distribution paidn/a
December 2020No distribution paidn/a
June 2020No distribution paidn/a
December 2019$8.84320.0%
June 2019$7.99860.0%
December 2018$6.60300.0%
June 2018$7.14740.0%
December 2017$6.83780.0%
June 2017$6.910.0%
December 2016Suspendedn/a
June 2016$6.981.5%
December 2015$6.140.0%
June 2015$5.460.0%
December 2014$4.950.0%
June 2014$4.330.0%
December 2013$3.652.5%