Sydney's airport

Driving tourism

Great events help drive growth for Sydney and NSW. We're working closely with our partners on a range of events to support tourism and economic growth for our city and state. We proudly sponsor internationally renowned tourism events and festivals that boast a colourful array of artistic and creative talent.

Major events

As enablers of tourism, we sponsor the NSW Tourism Awards. The awards celebrate and acknowledge tourism organisations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and success throughout the year.

In 2017, we partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia to commission an Australian artist to create a bespoke, statement artwork for T1 International. Unveiled in August 2018, the spectacular piece by Kamilaroi Aboriginal artist Archie Moore hangs from the dramatic 17-metre high ceiling of the Marketplace. The artwork will farewell millions of global passengers who depart Sydney's gateway each year, and symbolises the incredible diversity and vibrancy across NSW.