Sustainability reporting

We report annually across a range of environmental, social and governance aspects in our Sustainability Report. This report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core option. The UN Sustainable Development Goals guide our reporting of relevant global issues.

Previous reports

Note on 2022 Sustainability Report

SYD was recently informed by its waste contractor that it has been in breach of its recycling commitments to SYD.

As a result of this, SYD’s waste to landfill in 2022 is higher than reported. Specifically, SYD's reported waste recycling rate (%) requires amendment from 45.6% to 26.2%.

SYD’s reported total waste-to-landfill (tonnes) requires amendment from 2,732 to 3,385 tonnes. SYD’s waste target of year on year % reduction in ‘Waste to Landfill' was not achieved in 2022, as originally published. SYD is focussed on how to rectify this issue.