Improving our road network

T1 International

Sydney Airport has invested $70 million to improve road access and traffic flow in and out of the T1 International precinct. Recently, we have:

  • widened public drop off lanes and roads to increase road capacity
  • created a separate drop off zone for buses
  • created new road entries and exits, including a second entry lane from Marsh Street, a new exit lane from Cooks River Drive to Airport Drive and a second entry lane to Arrivals Court
  • created a new Centre Road to improve traffic conditions within the terminal area
  • relocated entry and exit gates to reduce traffic queuing
  • streamlined traffic flow by reducing traffic merging and weaving

T2/T3 Domestic

Our T2/T3 precinct has been transformed to improve traffic flow and ease congestion through:

  • a one-way road network with more lanes for better flowing traffic
  • a new exit road, which has increased outbound capacity by up to 50% and inbound capacity by 15%
  • more ‘green light time’ at key intersections
  • widening a busy section of Qantas Drive to reduce pressure points
  • expanding the taxi holding area by 20% and implementing operational improvements to reduce traffic congestion