Sydney Airport Traffic Performance October 2022

Monday 21 November 2022

Total passenger traffic in October 2022 was 2,961,000 passengers, down 25.5% on the corresponding period in 2019.

Domestic passenger traffic totalled 2,044,000 in October 2022, down 19.6% on the corresponding period in 2019. 916,000 international passengers passed through Sydney Airport in October 2022, down 36.1% on the corresponding period in 2019.

Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert said: “For the second consecutive month our international passenger recovery is sitting at 64%, relative to the same month in 2019. The lack of seat capacity into and out of Australia is constraining growth, and to see a sustained recovery in our tourism market and visitor economy we need to unlock more capacity as quickly as we can.”

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1 Due to data availability, all international passenger numbers (including prior corresponding period comparisons) are based on Confirmed Airline Passenger (CAP) data. As per previous information releases, these figures may contain estimates with any adjustments to preliminary statistics included in the year-to-date results in future months

2 Includes Domestic-on-Carriage